How To Use


The Best Way To Use CBD oil effectively is taking it sublingually. Sublingual CBD oil is found in a small bottle with a dropper. Depending on the strength of your CBD, you put a few drops underneath your tongue and allow it to absorb. Usually, take 2-3 drops to your tongue is the best.

When you take CBD oil sublingually, your body is better able to fully absorb it. When your body has to digest the CBD, you lose some of the CBD’s effectiveness in the process. So if you take a 15mg capsule, you most likely won’t be absorbing 15mg of CBD. Look for a broken or fraction coconut, MCT or hemp oil. Fraction or broken oils are best for absorbing CBD oil because they bypass your digestion, where some of the CBD will be lost.

Topical CBD can beneficial, depending on your need. If you are using CBD in a certain area on your skin, it will stay fairly localized in its effects. If you apply it to your knee, it will do its job there. So if you have an area of your body that is experiencing pain or inflammation, using it topically on the specific area can be beneficial.