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Weekly Giveaways

We know you love free stuff otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on here. That is why we are hosting a WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS contest where you can win a LIFETIME SUPPLY of the SWAN STAR CBD OIL for FREE.  

Every week we will choose one CBD Oil for GIVEAWAY.  All you need to do is follow the steps down below. 

Step 1. 

Check us out (@swanstarcbd on Instagram and Facebook @Enjoycbdoilonline.)

Step 2. 

If you like what you see then follow us and like our pictures.

Step 3.

Tag 3 friends who would love to win a LIFETIME SUPPLY for FREE. (More friends you tag, the more likely to win. 3 extra friends = 10x better chance of winning and so on)

Step 4. 

If you bought one before then leave a review. (25x better chance of winning)

Step 5. 

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Step 6.

Receive an unlimited amount of SWAN STAR CBD Oil for the rest of your life!!!